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The Gabriel Film Group has been created to provide Independent Film producers access not only to theatrical distribution but also to all worldwide revenue streams through the use of state-of —the-art digital technology. The founders of Gabriel are experienced independent film producers who have teamed with seasoned distribution professionals to build an "artist friendly" organization.

Gabriel will acquire and /or service high quality, commercial feature films for theatrical and/or ancillary distribution in the following ways:

In all cases, Gabriel is prepared to furnish customized production, marketing and distribution of finished product to all worldwide revenue streams:

Each film acquired and/or serviced by the Gabriel Film Group for theatrical and/or ancillary distribution will have the opportunity to utilize the GFG current and future web-based technologies that streamline the distribution and marketing business processes. The Digital Distribution System is scalable, which allows us to incorporate as little or as much as the project budget warrants or current technology permits.

What we offer:

Contact the distribution and marketing team at the Gabriel Film Group to find out how we will bring your films to market in the Digital Age of the 21st Century!